You have certainly come to the right place. We are Party Wall Experts, Structural Engineers, Chartered Building Surveyors and Consultants. As a team we have published over 35,000 Party Wall Awards, probably more than any other Surveying practice in London. Packages from £695.00 + VAT. We keep our prices low adopting astute business methodology and Party Wall customer service. All our Party Wall quotations are in writing and provided free of any charge. 

All our Surveyors take daily Covid lateral flow tests and all are vaccinated.


We are a modern, reliable and bespoke specialised provider of Specialist Structural Engineers and Chartered Party Wall Surveyors. We focus not only on the solution, but also on offering you straightforward, comprehensive advice. To speak to a member of our team right now call 0207 118 4331 open Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm. Click here for a written formal quotation normally in minutes.  

All Surveyors live local to you.

All Surveyors are qualified Building Experts. With over 25,000 Party Wall Awards published in 2015-2020. 


We combine our experience and expertise to provide the best possible Party Wall expert advice – this is what sets us apart. 


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What we do: The Party Wall etc. Act 1996  

Our unbeatable fees for Party Wall Surveyor appointments are:


£49.00 + VAT Per Notice. 

£4000.00 + VAT Per Schedule of Condition (alone, discounts for packages).

£395.00 + VAT Per Award. Without a Schedule of Condition. 


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Working as the "Agreed Surveyor" our fees are from:


One Adjoining Owner £695.00 + VAT to include Notice, Schedule of condition and Award. 

Two Adjoining Owners £895.00 + VAT to include Notice, Schedule of condition and Award. 

Three Adjoining Owners £1095.00 + VAT to include Notice, Schedule of condition and Award. 

Four Adjoining Owners £1295.00 + VAT to include Notice, Schedule of condition and Award. 


These prices are for any project large or small and include all Notices, Surveys and Awards. There are no extras.

All undertaken by professionally qualified and insured Party Wall Surveyors.

These prices include our RICS Surveyors and Chartered Consultants.   

Dissents to notices are costed at £200.00 + VAT Each.  


Terms are 50% Deposit by Credit Card or bank transfer. Credit Card payments are operated by Square International Ltd FCA regulated number 900846 to give you complete protection under section 75 of the consumer credit Act. 


50% on completion by bank transfer only. 


Structural Surveys from £450.00 + VAT 

Boundary Surveys from £500.00 + VAT 


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Our Structural Engineers are all MIStrucE qualified and fully insured with professional indemnity to a limit of £1,000,000 per Survey and £10,000,000 for liability.    


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 


The Party Wall Act overs three distinct types of work:


1. Alterations to a shared (Party) wall. 

2. The construction of new walls on the boundary. 

3. Excavation work close to neighbouring properties. 


Where work falls within the scope of the Act it is necessary for a Building Owner to serve notice and obtain the affected Adjoinging Owner's consent; if that consent is not forthcoming the parties are deemed to be 'in dispute' under the Act and surveyors must be appointed so that the dispute can be resolved by way of a Party Wall Agreement (technically called the 'Award).


The Adjoining Owners definition


Often an Adjoining Owner only becomes aware of their neighbour's plans to extend when a Party Wall Notice is served upon them. An Adjoining Owner has the option to either consent or reject a notice - if no response is made within 14 days the parties are deemed to be in dispute under the act. Where a dispute arises each owner must appoint a Surveyor so that a Party Wall Award can be agreed. 


Although not stated in the Act the Surveyors will request that their reasonbale fees must be paid by the Owner undertaking the works.


The Building Owner Defintion 


A Building Owner planning to undertake works that fall within the scope of the Act should start planning early because there are exact periods of Notice and these are 1 and 2 months depending upon the type of work.


However, it should be noted where complex works are to be undertaken it can take longer than that for an Award to be agreed.


Essential advice is that Building Owners speak to their neighbours before serving the formal Notice. Neighbours that feel that they are being kept informed are far less likely to immediatley appoint a Surveyor when a formal Notice is served and often, unnecessarily, run up a large bill for the Surveyor's fees.


It is our expert advice that Building Owners  have their plans checked over by an experienced Party Wall Surveyor to confirm whether the works come within the scope of the Act and if necessary draft the required Notice (s). Our specialist Party Wall Surveyors offer that service for a flat fee of £49 plus VAT. 


The Act allows for the same Surveyor to be appointed by each of the Owners in that scenario the Surveyor will act as 'Agreed' and impartially regulate matters affecting both Owners. By having a Surveyor draft the Notice a Building Owner can increase their chances of having that Surveyor adopted as 'Agreed' which help to keep the costs down on small projects. 


We cover London and South East and have a full time dedicated team of Party Wall Surveyors. We also are the most cost effective Party Wall Surveying practice in England offering low price Party Wall solutions and Awards including fixed packages from £695.00 + VAT. Sister Site. 


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We cover London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Berkshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire      


Our Party Wall Surveyors serve Notices under the Act from £49.00 + VAT each.


Schedule of conditions are £400.00 + VAT each.


Structual Surveys and calculations from £450.00 + VAT


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